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CCEC Won the 6th “Business Innovation Award” of China Chamber of Commerce In Zambia

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On March 26, 2019, local time, the commendation conference of the 2018 China Chamber of Commerce in Zambia was successfully held in the capital city of Lusaka. Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Li Jie, Political Counselor Lai Bo, Business Counselor Ouyang Daobing, Military Officer Sun Ming, all diplomats of the Chinese Embassy, members of the China-Aid Military Medical Team, members of the China-Aid Medical Team, and all representatives of members of China Chamber of Commerce, approximately 200 people, attended the conference.

The commendation conference has six major awards, including the Business Innovation Award, the Overseas Party Building Award, the Compliance Security Award, the Chamber of Commerce Contribution Award, the Social Responsibility Award, and the China-Zambia Friendship Award. With the outstanding contributions of Zambia hospitals and supporting engineering projects and the Zambia Kafulafuta Water Supply Project, CCEC won the “Business Innovation Award” and Ambassador Li Jie personally presented the award .

The complete set of hospitals and supporting engineering projects signed between the Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure Development of Zambia and CCEC was officially started in May 2017 with a total contract value of USD 160 million and a construction period of 36 months, which plans to build a new specialized hospital in Lusaka and a new general hospital in Petauke and Chinsali respectively. Upon completion, these hospitals will become the ones with the best medical conditions, the most advanced equipment and the most superior environment in Zambia. It is highly valued by the incumbent President and government departments of Zambia.

In July 2018, the Kafulafuta Water Supply System Project signed between the Ministry of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection of Zambia and CCEC was officially started, which  is a livelihood project supported strongly by the Zambian government. With a total contract value of USD 450 million and a construction period of 42 months, a dam with 125 million cubic meters’ capacity will be built in the Ndola district. At the same time, water pipelines will be laid to three water treatment plants to supply water to four cities and meet nearly one million population’s water demand. The financing of this project was awarded the “2016 Global Best Trading Award” by the Global Trading Review.

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