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Staff Training

Superclass: in order to strengthen the building of the staff, and constantly improve the quality of enterprise, quickly adapt to the company's development strategy for the quality of talents demand, further standardize the training system, and strive to create a "learning organization", the company formulated the measures.
  • Training objectives

    Through various forms of training, so that the staff to meet the requirements of the job skills standards.

  • Training direction

    According to the needs of the company's strategic development, timely knowledge of the staff to update, to promote the professional knowledge and comprehensive quality of staff to develop in depth.

  • Training purpose

    Follow the "training application, learn to" principle, from the reality, according to the needs of training, flexible, quality and quantity.

  • Training scope

    Company to carry out full training to protect the rights of employees to accept the training. At the same time, the staff to accept the training, to fulfill the corresponding responsibilities, and assume the corresponding obligations.

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