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President of Zambia attended the commencement ceremony of the kafulafuta water supply system project by CCEC

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  President Lungu addressed the kafulafuta water supply system project

  On September 21, 2018, the ground breaking ceremony of the kafulafuta water supply system project, which was completed by CCEC, was solemnly held in Masaiti, Endora, Zambia.Zambian President Edgar Lungu, Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Li Jie, Patriotic Front Secretary-General Davis Weila, Minister of Water Resources Development, Public Health and Environmental Protection, Dr. Dennis Vanchinga, Governor of Copper Belt Province, Gafin Wakalombe, Chief of Ibinga Region, Project Manager of CCEC Quqing Zhu, Representatives of the Zambia government and representatives of Chinese funded enterprises attended the opening ceremony.



  President Lungu and President Li Jie unveiled the foundation stone for the project

  As CCEC's key project,the Kafulafuta water supply system project includes the construction of new dams with a total storage capacity of 125 million cubic meters, water intake pumping stations and midway pressurized pumping stations, the laying of water pipelines from the dam to the four Waterworks of Masaiti, Luansha and Endora, the upgrading of urban pipeline networks, the construction of an independent water supply system in the Mpenggui area, the procurement of user water meters and regional water meters. As well as the Resettlement projects. It will provide water for four cities and solve the problem of drinking water for over 100 million people.


  President Lungu 's transfer of CCEC's complete set of donated materials to the local school and a photo taken with the school representative


In order to embody the social responsibility of central enterprises, CCEC donated a set of school supplies worth about 400,000 kwatches to primary schools around the project.

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