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Sinomach Hainan Accelerates Agricultural Cooperation in Vietnam & Thailand

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Haikou,May23--The first batch of fresh durian from Vietnam, imported by Sinomach Hainan, was delivered to Pingxiang, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of China successfully and made exchange on Jiaxing Haiguangxing Fruit Wholesale Market, the largest imported durian distribution hub in East China.


The variety of these Vietnamese fresh durian are “Golden Pillow”, including three grades (A, B, and C) in different sizes. All are high-quality durian. According to the database from China Customs, China imported a total of 1.42 million tons of durian in 2023, with Vietnamese durian accounting for 490,000 tons.Sinomach Hainan controlled the quality strictly throughout the entire import process, not only enriching domestic durian market options but also providing Chinese consumers with a wider range of tropical fruit experiences.


On the same day , a delegation led by the governor of  Chumphon Province of Thailand, Mr. Visa Pulsirirat visited Sinomach Hainan for in-depth discussions on expanding agricultural trade, particularly in durian and other produce.

Statistics reveal that Thailand exported approximately 945,000 tons of durian to China in 2023, with nearly 400,000 tons originating from Chumphon Province. In light of this, both Sinomach Hainan and Thailand's Chumphon Province agreed to leverage their respective strengths and further expand agricultural trade, especially in markets for high-demand products like durian.


Governor Mr. Visa Pulsirirat expressed Chumphon Province's full support for deeper cooperation with Sinomach Hainan in agricultural trade. He anticipates that Sinomach Hainan, with its extensive resources and capabilities, will introduce more high-quality Thai fruits like durian to China, while also bringing cutting-edge Chinese agricultural technology to Thailand. This, he believes, will benefit both nations and contribute to the development of Sino-Thai relations.

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