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E-Commerce Digital Platform "Hi Cloud"Secures Overseas Orders

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Haikou,April 16--Sinomach Hainan held the 1st promotional event for its cross-border e-commerce digital platform "Hi Cloud" and secured overseas orders, marking a solid step forward in its cross-border e-commerce export business.


At the event, representatives of Sinomach Hainan introduced the detail of the advantages and characteristics of the "Hi Cloud" platform. Jointly developed by Sinomach Hainan and Jinghui Technology, the platform aims to "integrate the world and benefit all" with the features of being "stronger, faster, and more trustworthy." Its unique overseas warehouse direct shipment function and account period advantages for small and medium-sized traders have won widespread praise from participants.


Ms.Cheng Mo, General Manager of the Department of NO.8 Engineering and Trade of Sinomach Hainan, introduced the business model and operational plan of the "Hi Cloud" platform to guests. Ms.Mo said that the platform quickly completes trade links such as product selection, inventory, sales, warehousing, and drop shipping by advancing these processes, and with the support of various financial tools, it effectively reduces trade costs and controls trade risks, providing strong support for cross-border traders.


During the promotional event, Sinomach Hainan signed annual framework procurement agreements with two enterprises, with a contract value of approximately $300 million dollars. Both sides will achieve in-depth cooperation in multiple areas to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

It is noteworthy that since its official launch in August 2023, the "Hi Cloud" platform has achieved remarkable development results in just a few months. As of the end of this month, the platform's revenue is expected to exceed $40 million dollars , and it has secured a credit approval limit of $120 million dollars from China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation. Looking ahead, Sinomach Hainan is confident in the future development of "Hi Cloud" and anticipates that the platform's revenue will potentially exceed $300 million dollars in 2024.

In the future, Sinomach Hainan will continue to build a cluster of export cross-border e-commerce business in the Hainan Free Trade Port, promoting the transformation and upgrading of "Made in China" to "Created in China" and "Chinese goods" to "Chinese brands," bringing more high-quality products and services to global consumers.

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