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Sinomach Hainan’ Team Visits The Minister of Agriculture of Zambia

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On November 30th, the team of Sinomach Hainan visited the Minister of Agriculture of Zambia, Reuben Phiri, to have in-depth exchanges on Zambia's agricultural development projects.

Reuben Phiri warmly welcomed the delegation of SSinomach Hainan and introduced the distribution of existing state-owned land in Zambia, basic agricultural tax policies, annual demand for food, and cooperation models between the two sides. He hopes that Sinomach Hainan can send a professional team to Zambia as soon as possible to conduct a detailed investigation and make decisions on agricultural development matters.


During The Second Forum on China-Africa Cooperation in Agricultural, Cai Jibo, Chairman of Sinomach Haina, held talks with Reuben Phiri on agricultural development cooperation.

Subsequently, Sinomach Hainan will accelerate the landing of agricultural development projects in Zambia, solve the problem of food shortage in the local and surrounding countries, and help promote the deepening of agricultural cooperation between China and Africa.

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