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On 28th October, 2016, a joint delegation led by Inspector-Madam Wang Yanjuan from the Policy Banking Supervision Department of China Banking Regulatory Commission (hereinafter referred to as “CBRC”)and Deputy General Manager-Mr. XiongChangjin from the Risk Management Department of Export-Import Bank of China (hereinafter referred to as “China EXIM Bank”) did a post-project research by visiting the L85 site of 4,527 Housing Units Project implemented by the Contractor-CCEC. The contract price of the aforementioned project is about 430 million dollars, of which 85% is provided as Preferential Export Buyers’ Credit by China EXIM bank. This project was completed in the end of 2013 and was duly handed over to the Client in 2014.

After a deep communication with the Project Manager-Mr. Qu Qingzhu from CCEC, Madam Wang Yanjuanfully understoodthe situation of implementation progress, contract compliance, risk control and after-service of the Project. She gave a high appraisal to the successful implementation of the Project and was extraordinarily satisfied with the high quality of the project and the competiveness of CCEC. Department Manager-Mr. Chen Ming from No.2 Engineering and Trading Department of CCEC also attended the reception work.

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