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CMEC Chairman Zhang Chun Meets with Ukraine National Hydropower Company General Manager Sirotta

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On July 11, 2018, CMEC Chairman Zhang Chun met with the visiting delegation headed by Mr. Sirotta, General Manager of Ukraine National Hydropower Company.

Zhang, first of all, extended his welcome to the delegation, and briefed the guests on the progress of the projects undertaken by CCEC and CMEC in Ukraine. He hoped that the two sides, under the leadership of the China-Ukraine Joint Working Group for a Package of Cooperation Projects initiated by CCEC and the Ukrainian government, implement as soon as possible the economic and trade results made at the 3rd meeting of the China-Ukraine Inter-governmental Cooperation Committee held in December 2017. He hoped that the two sides, under the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative, deepen cooperation between the two countries and strive to sign the business contract on the Kaniv Hydro Pumped Storage Plant (HPSP) project before October 2018. Sirotta expressed his thanks to the warm reception of CMEC and CCEC, saying that the two sides have signed the MOU for the Kaniv HPSP project and have confirmed the cooperation relationship. Next, the Ukrainian side will gradually provide project technical and business information, hoping that the two sides can sign the project contract as soon as possible and start construction next year. At the meeting, the two sides reached a consensus on establishing the Kaniv HPSP project consortium, setting up the working group, defining the project roadmap and financing matters, and will work together to promote project progress.

Also present at the meeting were Ukraine National Hydropower Company Deputy General Manager Kurakov (in charge of financial affairs), Ukraine National Hydropower Company Deputy General Manager Rudenko (in charge of investment), Ukraine National Hydropower Company Consultant to General Manager Dragomoreski, Commercial Representative of Ukrainian Embassy in China Kukshchenko, CMEC Assistant President Wang Yili, CCEC Chairman Huang Fuwei, CCEC General Manager Yang Jing, CCEC Deputy General Manager Chen Bingxiang, and relevant leaders.

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