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Chairman of CMEC Sun Bai meets with Si ping municipal Party Secretary Zhao Xiaojun and signs the Framework Agreement

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On February 28, 2017, Sun Bai, Chairman and Party Secretary of CMEC, met with Si Ping Municipal Party Secretary Zhao Xiaojun and Mayor Han Fuchun in Beijing. The two sides had further negotiations on how to promote corn deep-processing cooperation project, and then signed the Framework Agreement. Chairman and Party Secretary of CCEC Huang Fuwei, President of CCEC Yang Jing, Si Ping Vice Municipal Party Secretary Li Zhongxin, Deputy Mayor Huang Cheng, Lou shaohua, Chairman of Tiancheng Group Company Li Gang and President of Tiancheng Group Company Huang Xiaoqian, Senior Vice President Wanghui of Tiancheng Group Company joined the meeting.

Sun Bai informed that, with almost three decades development, CCEC has evolved into a comprehensive large-scale international enterprise whose core businesses are agricultural development, domestic and oversea municipal infrastructure construction, energy source and environment protection and related imports and exports trade. In recent years, CCEC devoted to agriculture development,sticked to actively practicing the agricultural “go out” policy and “one belt one road” strategy, implemented and exploited agricultural projects successfully, including grain trade, plant protection products trade, agraicultural machinery trade and agricultural infrastructure construction project, earned a good reputation and praise with actual ability.

Sun Bai pointed out that, as the nationwide important commodity grain and animal product bases, Si Ping occupied a leading agricultural position in Liao Ning province, which is accelerating the achievement of national green agricultural products processing base. As CCEC’s partner, Tiancheng Group Company is the top agricultural enterprises in Si Ping and is modernized large grain and oil group, the characteristic reputation of which spreads far and has good development potentiality. Sun Bai believes that the three sides could rely on complementary advantages and broad cooperation space, although each with its own features. We can yield more fruitful results and create a new chapter of win-win cooperation.

Zhao Xiaojun spoke highly of this cooperation and indicated that maintain an attitude of “favor, comfort, treasure and enrich the merchants”, Si Ping municipal party committee and municipal government will strive to provide the best support to make an attractive environment to enterprise development, open the green channel for project examination and approval and implement to guide and handle procedures, in order to ensure implement, start working, go into operation earlier and create a brighter future jointly.

After the meeting, Yang Jing and Han Fuchun represented two sides of Jilinzhongcheng Agricultural Development Co.,LTD and Si Ping municipal people's government to sign “Framework Agreement of Zhongcheng Agricultural Innovation Industrial Park Project”. According to the agreement, Jilinzhongcheng Agricultural Development Co., LTD will invest in a construction project to build a new industrialization economic development zone in Si Ping which produces rumen lysine, starch sugar series of biochemical products. The total amount of investment of this project is RMB6.486 billion Yuan.

Relevant persons of CCEC、Tian Cheng group company and Si Ping municipal people's government attended the above meeting.


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