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Chairman Mr. Sun Bai Met with the First Deputy Minister of Agricultural Pol...

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  On March 17, Chairman Mr. Sun Bai met with Iaroslav Krasnopolskyi, First Deputy Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine/Head of Supervisory Board of SFGCU and his delegation. Both sides summarized the work of the passing year and had an in-depth negotiation to the further execution of Chinese-Ukrainian Agricultural Corporation Project with amount of 3 billion USD (hereafter referred as “the Project”).
  Chairman Mr. Sun Bai expressed his gratitude on behalf of the company and welcome to First Deputy Minister. Mr. Sun Bai said that the political turmoil of Ukraine and frequent changes of SFGCU’s leadership increased difficulties in execution of the Project. However, under the support and help of the Ukraine Prime Minister Mr. Arseniy Yatsenyuk and Ukraine's new government, grain contracts signed in 2014 were fully and successfully completed. Total quantity is about 1.5 million tons, the amount is about 334 million USD.
  Chairman Mr. Sun Bai emphasized that First Deputy Minister’s visiting to China sufficiently reveal highly attention to the Project. Mr. Sun Bai said that both sides should continue to strengthen cooperation in the areas of grain trading, agriculture infrastructure construction, Chinese products purchasing and other areas in agricultural field, to achieve diversified development of the Project.
  Mr. Iaroslav Krasnopolskyi appreciated Mr. Sun Bai’s friendly meeting and pointed out that the Chinese-Ukrainian Agricultural Corporation Project was a major project between the two governments, the government of Ukraine would always ensure the Project's priority, and the Agriculture Ministry would actively cooperate and support so as to promote development of the corporation soundly and rapidly. Finally, the two sides exchanged opinions friendly in relation to strengthen future cooperation intention as well.
  Valerii Tomilenko, Acting Chairman of the Board of SFGCU, and Ivan Miroshnichenko, Member of Parliament with other representatives participated in the meeting. Ms. Yang Jing, Vice-president of CCEC and president of agricultural Engineering and Trade Division with relevant managers of the Project also attend the meeting.

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