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Ukrainian corn provided by CCEC has arrived in Beiliang Port for the first time

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May 12, 2105, ELENI D ship carrying 52,498 tons of Ukrainian non-GMO corn has arrived at Dalian BeiLiang port, which is a sign that Ukrainian corn provided by CCEC successfully arrived northeast of China for the first time. It is also the first ship imported corn overseas to northeast of China since 2001 when China entered into WTO. Witnessed by some leaders of Dalian Dayaowan customs of China and Dayaowan Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, President Mr. Xing Guoyou, General Manager Assistant Mr. Xie Yong and deputy manager of Agricultural projects department Mr. Tian Donghang of CCEC, as well as grain trading team from CCEC, and representatives from related domestic corn processing, logistics enterprises attended this ribbon-cutting ceremony of arrival at the port.
President Mr. Xing Guoyou gave a speech at the ceremony. He extended gratitude to the relevant institutions, enterprises which provided support and coordination to CCEC, and expressed that CCEC wish to cooperate with all parties, to deepen the bilateral agricultural cooperation projects and to make contributions to the implementation of China’s agricultural “going global” strategy. Afterwards, CCEC delegation headed by President Mr. Xing Guoyou visited Beiliang port and relative partner companies.

Grain trade with amount of 3 billion dollars is the crucial part of Ukrainian agricultural project executed by CCEC. Ukrainian corn provided by CCEC arrived at the biggest grain transfer port, Beiliang port, in the northeast of China, which achieved a zero breakthrough of corn imported and opened up a new pattern of grain supply to northeast of China. This could change the traditional pattern of corn trading in the northeast of China and could further expand the domestic grain trade market.
As an important country and pivotal hub of “One Belt and One Road”, Ukraine is the one of the first Eastern European countries, who support and develop China strategy of“One Belt and One Road”. Agricultural project executed by CCEC is an innovative form of overseas projects. Executing steadily of this agricultural project further implement the strategy of “going global “and guarantee the national food safety and effective supply of major agricultural products. At the same time it is a positive response and practice of strategic concept “One Belt and One Road “put forward by Chairman Xi, which is of great significance for developing strategic partnership between Ukraine and China.

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